Honlex Jones

Honlex Jones is a technologies services company which is specializing in new innovative materials and formulations science.  We are working with proprietary network which includes laboratories, universities, technical institutions, researchers and consultants.  Our technologies services involved cold plasma, controlled release, environment protection, odour control, silica and zeolites. Based on these technologies, we are providing solutions for world challenging problems....



  • Solutions for the prawn & shrimp aquaculture industry

    AQUA-Cal+™ is made by flash calcining a mixture of magnesite and dolomite to produce a unique, very high surface area powder, and then hydrating the powder to produce a slurry for ease of application to ponds.  It has been specially formulated to impact on both the aqueous and benthic ecosystems in the pond.  AQUA-Cal+™ is …

  • InnoSil™ MS series Mesoporous Silica

    Glantreo have being producing large quantities of nano structured mesoporous silica for over 10 years.  Mesoporous silica is a porous synthetic silica with highly ordered pore structures.  Mesoporous silica is produced by a surfactant templating process developed with our customers’ needs in mind.  Our mesoporous silicas are highly pure, robust with large surface area.

  • InnoSil™ Nano-100 Silica Nanoparticles 100nm

    InnoSil™ Nano-100 is spherical silica nano particles with diameter of 100nm; effective diameter is 99.0+/- 6nm.  The silica surface under normal conditions is covered with silanol groups (Si-OH). Solution available in water or ethanol at a custom wt%.  Dry powder available from multiple kg to metric tonne quantities.