Honlex Jones

Honlex Jones is a technical services company which is specializing in new innovative materials and formulations science.  We are working with proprietary network which includes laboratories, universities, technical institutions, researchers and consultants.  Our services include to identify unknown molecules, pre-formulations, formulations know how, regulatory compliances and global custom logistics. Our services will include: New innovative materials for demanding applica...



  • ChemPlasa™ OAB-100

    ChemPlasa™ OAB-100 is a highly effective hydrophobic adsorbent zeolite for the removal of undesirable odours and flavours from polymers. This special adsorbent system can easily be incorporated as additive to existing polymeric formulations. It adsorbs VOC molecules of up 5.2 Angstrom. ChemPlasa™ OAB-100 is strongly selective for the adsorption of VOC/odors from air based on …

  • InnoBioAdd™ NVA series Nonivamide based chemistry for downstream applications

    InnoBioAdd™ NVA series is based on Nonivamide chemistry for many downstream applications such as pharmaceuticals, anti-fouling paints, electric cable etc.  For details, please contact the company directly.

  • ChemPlasa™ L-200 series Ethylene Bis Stearamide

    ChemPlasa™ L-200 series is ethylene bis stearamide derived form vegetable raw materials. Due to its unique molecular configuration, it combines an excellent balance of polar & non polar groups. Therefore it is performance lubrication additives for all major plastic processing operations, applications as lubricants, processing and release agents, anti-block and slip additives and as a …