ChemPlasa™ OAB-101 Odour Absorber

December 15, 2015

In many contexts undesired, odor and/or taste-producing substances appear owing to chemical degradation or transformation during production or compounding of materials. These substances can be of a highly varying chemical character. The occurrence of such degradation can constitute a health hazard or merely a source of irritation. Since the human being normally is most susceptible to odors and tastes, the substances need not appear in very high concentrations, but in most cases as low concentrations as 1 or a few ppm are sufficient to make a taste or odor evident.

ChemPlasa™ OAB-101 is a highly active, hydrophobic adsorbent zeolite for the removal of undesirable odors and flavours from polymers. This special adsorbent system can easily be incorporated as additive to existing master batch formulations. It adsorbs VOC molecules of up 5.2 Angstrom.

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