PROTECTA-Mag™ Corrosion Protection Solutions in Sewer pipes

November 12, 2015

Corrosion of concrete sewer pipes due to hydrogen sulphide gas is an ever-increasing concern. We have developed a solution against internal corrosion of sewer pipes.
PROTECTA-Mag™ is a concentrated, controlled viscosity, concentrated stabilized suspension of magnesium hydroxide.  PROTECTA-Mag™ prevents corrosion by neutralising the hydrogen sulphide gas and preventing it from reacting with the
pipe concrete.
PROTECTA-Mag™ is hydrated from Calix reactive magnesium oxide imparting excellent neutralisation capability due to the high surface area. Magnesium hydroxide is non-hazardous, no dangerous good and is thus present exceptional handling and using benefits to prevent occupational exposure to toxic or harmful chemicals, or the potential for local sewage and environmental contamination of sewage flows can result in significant health and safety consequences.
1. PROTECTA-Mag™ neutralises acid already present and provides and enduring alkaline surface coating.
2. PROTECTA-Mag™ penetrates through the concrete structure to neutralize residual acid within the internal existing concrete material of the sewer.
3. Significant capital expenditure resulting from sulphide related corrosion can be deferred.
4. The high wall pH inhibits the growth of specific acid forming bacteria (e.g. thiobacillus concretus).
5. Sprayable material, ease of application on sewer pipes; should any excess of PROTECTA-Mag™ enter the sewer flows, the suspension is complementary and beneficial for any downstream Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).
6. Safer to handle and use.
The thixotropic properties of PROTECTA-Mag™ allow the suspension to be easily pumped like other common liquids,
but when settling, sets to a gel and strongly adheres to concrete surfaces. The required coating thickness of
PROTECTA-Mag™ is achieved in a single pass in sewer lines. For vertical spraying eg manholes multiple passes may
be needed.
The sprayed application of PROTECTA-Mag™ results in a cost effective method for protecting critical sewer assets, without the need to divert sewage flows and man entry application and demonstrates that PROTECTA-Mag™ technology can be used as an effective lowest life cycle cost method to defer significant capital expenditure using conventional trenchless technology approaches.